It’s all about trust.

When choosing any contractor you must have confidence in who works in, on and around your property - window cleaning is no different. Using Bygrace Cleaning as your window cleaning contractor will give you confidence that the job is completed perfectly, each and every time we visit by people who care about your home as much as you do. You’ll relax in the knowledge that from our pre-clean notification message through to email PDF invoices and receipts, a seamless process awaits with a beautiful home or workplace the end result!

We guarantee:

  • We will respect your property and surrounding land.
  • We leave things as we find them (e.g. shut and lock gates).
  • We wear our uniform at all times.
  • We’re really friendly and smile!

Okay! You’ve got in touch for a quote... What happens next?

The first thing we need to do is visit your property to quote for the job. Every house or business is different and therefore we have to view the work required to give an accurate quotation. This is of course, free and you don’t have to be present unless you would like to be.

If you are happy for us to perform your work, most customers opt for a four-weekly schedule although we do have other schedules as required; most importantly we stick to our schedules (weather permitting) and can notify you in advance of our visit if you would like us to. No irregular visits and unreliable cleaning with Bygrace.

You want the best? No problem!

We clean your glass and also your sills and frames every time we visit, which makes a massive difference to the overall look of the job. We also clean all of the glass, not only the central area where a poor job leaves ‘porthole’ results with dirt left in the corners.

Singing In The Rain... Well, window cleaning!

Window cleaning in light to medium rain is no problem for us at Bygrace due to our use of pure water “water fed pole” technology. When we clean your windows the frames are scrubbed as is the glass and both are then rinsed leaving the frames and glass sterile and clean. Rainwater is actually very clean and low in dissolved minerals. It is mucky frames that make you think the rainwater is dirty as this washes down onto the glass. If you have clean frames and glass then rainwater dries spot free and makes no difference to how super your windows look once Bygrace has cleaned them!

We use only the best quality tools and products available.

Our pure water cleaning system was supplied by one of the very best manufacturers in the U.K. and we are properly trained in its correct use. Our traditional tools are sourced from Unger; a world renowned window cleaning tool manufacturer.

Our preferred cleaning solution partner Titan Laboratories also supplies us with what we believe are the finest glass cleaning chemicals available, which give our customers the best and brightest windows around!

We accept payment in cash, cheque payable to Bygrace Cleaning or bank transfer.

You can then sit back and enjoy the results!